Saturday, September 11, 2010

Balloon's Boy's Letter to Jeff Kinney

Hi Poptropicans!! This is HUGE!!! 9 months after the Balloon Boy Incident in January, I found a letter from Balloon Boy!! In December 2009, Balloon Boy wanted a green balloon. So he got one. He floated up in the air for 10 months. He saw many great places while holding on to that string. No one saw him  since December.
I am making a club called Balloon Boy Rescuers. Balloon Boy Rescuers is a group of Poptropicans who want to rescue Balloon Boy. Balloon Boy says he wants to be rescued. I found this letter with a few friends when it was in his sister's room. Here is an exclusive letter from Balloon Boy:
And Balloon Boy did Balloon Travel!! He tells us all about his adventure. From Paris, to California, to New York, to Dubai, to London, he might tell us when we rescue him.


“It was a long trek across the Pacific, but it was worth it to get this scenic view of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.”

“Paris was very nice, but I got a little too close to the Eiffel Tower."

                             “You’ve never really flown until you’ve seen Manhattan by balloon.”

                                       “London is beautiful at night. Look! Big Ben! Parliament!”

                                 “I flew over Dubai this Spring. They’re building things so fast there!”

What do you guys think?  Will Jeff Kinney FINALLY let Balloon Boy down into Reality Tv Island? or will Balloon Boy face a harsh eternity of holding on to that balloon and no one will ever rescue him???
Tell us what you think on my new poll or comment below!!

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  1. Lol! I wanna be a rescuer! Plz let me! ~Cheerful~